Designing with USB-C: Lessons Learned

Disclosure: JLCPCB sponsors some of my projects, but I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t otherwise. Their SMT Assembly service I believe is unique in the industry, and is great for hobbyists who need high quality assembled prototypes for cheap, without having to deal with logistics of component supply. …


Building an ESP32 Light Controller

In this post I am going to do a deep dive into the electronics design for my simulated sunrise/sunset aquarium light project. If you have not read that post, I recommend starting with that. Disclosure: JLCPCB is sponsoring my projects, but I had already been a big fan of their …


Silicone Casting with 3D Printed Moulds

Why? Silicone can be used to make all sorts of things, but perhaps the most popular application is sex toys. There are huge variations in personal preferences, and if you are designing your own, you can make it exactly how you like it. Have a really good toy that’s just …


Using KiCad with JLCPCB Assembly Service

TLDR: Click here. A Bit of History I remember when I first started making PCBs in ~2010, our low spec (8 mil min traces / 8 mil min spacing) 2-layer boards costed $133 for 4 copies. Special academic pricing. There were services like Sparkfun’s BatchPCB and OSH Park that were …


Designing a 13A Arduino Motor Shield

I am currently working on a tensile strength testing rig that will be detailed in a future post, but as part of that project, I need an Arduino shield that can drive a 12V/13A linear actuator. Electrically speaking, linear actuators are just DC motors. However, because I need to be …


Video Editing on Linux – Action Cam SCUBA Diving Videos

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer or videographer, but I do have an action cam (Sony FDR-X3000), and often document my adventures with it. You can see some of my videos on my YouTube channel if you are so inclined (and I’d be honoured!) – it’s mostly flying, gliding, and …


Controlling Big Things with Small Things

Welcome to the first tutorial post! It’s a topic many people have asked me about, so I thought why not make it into a tutorial? It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time learning the hard way, and in the end, it’s actually pretty simple! It’s about switching loads. We …