Building a Bamboo Planter (aka My Neighbours’ Cats’ Toilet)

Project Log

I live in a huge apartment block on the ground floor with a private garden facing a large communal garden. The view is nice, but the lack of privacy bothers me, so I have taken to growing bamboo to make a living privacy screen.

I don’t want to use commercial planters because most of the ones sold here use cheap pressure-treated softwood, and those don’t last very long. I want to use a naturally rot-resistant hardwood, and although they are also available commercially, they are extremely expensive for the sizes I need.

So of course I decided to make my own.

This is made out of Iroko, which is an African hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot (because of its oil), so it doesn’t need to be treated or coated in anything even for prolonged contact with soil (as is the case here). Apparently it’s also believed to have super-natural properties in Yoruba folklore. How cool is that? It’s a beautiful wood.

Enjoy the video!

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